Creative constraints, Pondering the past

This is actually from an old blog but I thought it was an interesting to read after a year and a half, purely to remind me of why this year hasn’t worked particularly well for me in terms of work, but also that next year I intend to produce the most awesome and fantastic pieces of artwork of my life, having been given some genuine creative freedom. I was so much more driven and passionate my work back then.

Blogspot: Monday, 8 August 2011 (Includes images of my working process from 2011)

“When attempting to start a new project I usually start with random marks, or a work a very vague concept without too much care and just see what happens. After a few of these I reflect on what I’ve done and see if I can find anything in those images worth running with. The concept tends to change and refine very quickly as I go. I don’t like the concept to restrain the work.”

When I’m finally allowed to work how I work, all will be well with the world.

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