Pixels and Voxels

I’m having fun playing with pixels at the moment. I actually made three of these super simple very low res minimalist 3 colour icons in photoshop but I didn’t save the third more complex one. It’s a very quick process though.


I’m going to play around with a few of these and then think about translating them into voxels. I haven’t found a very intuative voxel program yet besides this quite limited one at http://kyucon.com/qblock/ which is rather nice and lets you look at other people’s creations.

What interests me here is the potential to get these printed and then maybe make moulds from the prints and cast them in glass, jezmonite, bronze or ceramic.

The combination of traditional materials and modern technology is something I would love to explore. I tend to favour traditional media when making art but I do like a lot of digital stuff. I’m a huge gamer and I think it is going through a revolution at the moment that’s far more exciting and full of unique and original ideas that haven’t been, nor could have been explored properly in any other medium.

I think there is a stigma around it as a medium, almost definitely because of the word game and it’s association with children, Unfortunately it’s too late to rebrand it “interactive media” or “imedia” or anything like that so it’s probably going to have that stigma forever.

Anyway. Here are my voxel renderings. The first one was just a one layer straight copy of the pixel art and then the others are my fully 3d versions. The actual voxel model can be viewed and freely rotated here:  http://kyucon.com/qblock/#48953


icon 1 voxel




And just to satisfy a curiosity



icon 1

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