Concept Art

DSCF2244The most important thing to me as an artist is creating a unique aesthetic. I think that a concept can never be more important than the work that is created from that concept. People will only see the work, they don’t see the concept. Obviously if the communication of concept is the most important thing for you then the work succeeds if the concept is communicated well. To me it doesn’t matter if a concept is communicated well, only that the concept has lead me to something interesting and that works. Concepts to me are starting points to be redefined when necessary. I think my long term aim is to try and end up with something that can only be articulated through the work visually and can’t be pinned down with language at all. That would be fantastic although probably unachievable. I think if a piece of work fails conceptually but works aesthetically then it is still a successful piece.

One thing that worked very well for me was starting out with no brief whatsoever, finding some random objects around town, looking at them, possibly combining them and then doing studies of the objects with different materials. Remaking them out of metal or paper or whatever else and then putting all of them together and finding qualities in the relationships between the objects or qualities in the way I had built them as something to run with as a concept. It didn’t have any cultural or historical or political references but it was incredibly interesting to me and I produced a lot of work and sketchbooks that people seemed to enjoy. I’m not sure that I can pass this course working on pure isolated experimentation however although I feel like if I do try and fit myself into some kind of art pigeon hole I run the risk of producing cliched work about seed pods or nudes or the circle of life or something.

Translation from 2d to 3d and back again across multiple media is definitely a great way to end up at a unique aesthetic. I recommend to anybody who is feeling stuck or that their work is bland or who is at a dead end to try this.

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