Westeroscraft and building with voxels

From an aesthetic standpoint I’m considering using voxels to create a sculptural form or sculptural forms. That might change the more I get to grips with the subject I’m going to run with but I think it has the potential to look quite interesting, plus it gives me chance to play with a 3d printer which I’ve never done before.

This is a project that’s being going on for a year to make Westeros, the world from Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire. I’m not interested in making some kind of huge world from voxels but I think there are some nice qualities in the way some of the architectural and natural forms are interpreted.

I’ve been trying to find a voxel modelling program that lets you build with cubes and then export a file which is usable by 3d printers but have had no such look yet. One thing I did find was some programs that work with voxels rather than polygons and then render polygons over the top to create smooth curves and intricate details. I found some nice images of forms that were one half voxels and the other half smoother more realistic shapes which I liked. The juxtaposition of the two rendering styles were quite interesting.


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