New Year Update (posted late. Just saw it in my drafts)

I’ve just realized I haven’t updated my blog for a good while. I’m feeling a little bit lost with my project at the moment. I’m not 100% sure exactly what I’m trying to achieve. There’s pixel art research and experiments with voxels and lots of ramblings about why video games have the potential to be art. There’s a running argument in my head which says “If Video Games are a legitimate medium then won’t me having to try and justify that through sculpture take away from that? Wouldn’t the best way to help legitimize them be through making my own video game? Afterall the qualities that make games work as an art form are much different to those that make a film or a sculpture or an installation or a piece of theatre or literature work. They are entirely dependent on interaction. They are the only medium that isn’t 100% passive.

I’ve considered adding an interactive element to the art, but I think it would be hard to do without being cheesy, plus a real life interactive game could never be as deep or involving as a video game. I think this argument makes the idea of legitimizing games with sculpture pretty redundant.

On the other hand I think the most important thing is just maki8ng some work that looks cool and that I’m happy with. The concepts are just there to inspire original work really. I wont be there to explain the work and I certainly wont leave a piece of paper explaining it. The work can be loosely inspired by something, or loosely inspired by an abstracted version of something and then stand on it’s own two legs removed from the concept and people can just make what they will of it.

Aaaanyway. Here are some experiments. The first lot are simple 16 x 16 or 8 x 8 simple quick patterns. They ignore the point of pixel art really. People use pixel art as a way of making very precise images with no gestural qualities except those that are contrived, as opposed to bitmap images created in painting programs which try to simulate real painting techniques and materials.

blue and white

70s 2

70s 1

irrigation pink

These are images that are less inspired by video games but a little bit more time consuming than the small patterns I developed. The latex hood girl took a fair amount of time to finish.

hood blue reflectonsb

pinkx 4

rounded cube compoaition2

doodle 1

These last few are me trying to capture the essence of something gamey.


level 1


leaf on squares

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