Contextual bits and bats

Here are two articles I read from The Guardian website, both on opposing sides of the “Are Video Games Art” argument.

This first article (by Jonathan Jones) is basically a troll post mocking the idea that games can’t be art. He picks examples of games which definitely aren’t art and were never intended to be art as examples of why games aren’t art.

This is a response piece by another Guardian journalist, Keith Stewart, which is a really well considered response.

Aaaand here’s another piece by Jonothan Jones again where he makes the same points and uses examples of games that nobody would ever consider being art as examples of why games aren’t art, this time with extra condescension.

This is probably going to be my dissertation now. It really winds me up. I’ve seen whole groups of art critics on the culture show attack video games as a legitimate medium and it doesn’t really make any sense. It’s like me watching all of The Fast and the Furious movies and using that as a basis to say moving image can’t be Art, but it seems to be a much more popular opinion within the Fine Art community.

This was linked to me by my dad and also by someone else on a pixel art group I joined on deviantart. I think this is a popular site for pixelo art advice.

Here’s an interview with with Charlie Brooker. is a really good site that does games reviews but also talks about sexism in games, games in relation to the art world and interesting articles about gaming psychology… etc. It’s very high brow for a video games site. It’s just about his life as relates to video games and their influence on him and his early work as a games journalist.

Here’s an image I drew in Hexels. It doesn’t really relate to this post but it’s mainly so my tutor can take it into account towards my grade.


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