March Update

I just thought I would update my blog with newer concept drawings. Here is my concept drawing for Trelissick. I had to shoehorn in something about flowers to get the okay from The National Trust. I pitched two ideas, with one that I really wanted to make and then this back up one which has Rhododendron designs on the sides. The guy looked a little annoyed that none of my presentation referenced Trelissick until I showed this one at the end and spoke about the flowers that they had on the site.




I also came up with this idea for an interactive web piece where you can affect this amorphous blob by adding ingredients that influence it’s form but I’ve only got two weeks of the holidays left now and too much course related stuff to make! The concept drawings are on my computer to remind me though so it may be something I eventually make.

shape machine

And below was just me playing around with possible aesthetic styles for the machine

marble planet comp

I really like that image. It’s a bit like a 70s album cover and didn’t take all that long but I learned a lot of cool new photoshop skills.


Here’s a design for my outdoor sculpture using techniques I’d figured out through playing with photoshop. I didn’t use this in the end and it’s a little too clean and clinical for my tastes but it looks a lot different to my usual drawings so I thought I’d share it.



And then I don’t think I ever added a picture of my failed glass exhibition piece so here it is.




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