Sci Fi Adventure game

So I’ve been working out a sci fi adventure game alongside trying to sort out work… etc. I keep finding time to do little bits now and then.

The plot revolves around young woman called Lila who is stuck in a dead end job and has no real dreams or goals and feels like she’s stuck in this monotonous lifestyle with no real way out. She somehow ends up burdened with looking after an obsessive compulsive agoraphobic former science student. With her help he develops a machine that can fold the Multiverse (we’re assuming the Multiverse theory is true) and episodic sci fi adventuring ensues.

I’m a complete pixel art novice and am still trying to properly work out a visual style. I think I’ve established a visual style for my characters, at least for the sprites themselves. The backgrounds will be way more difficult because I’m even less competent with scene design. I draw little characters and faces when I’m bored in all kinds of different styles so I have some experience with that.

Here are the few bits and bobs I have so far.

lila-front-animate character design protagonist


Lila (Images aren’t final by any stretch. I’m considering removing her overbite, but I’ll have to see how that looks, and the front walking animation might have to be tweaked if it doesn’t match the side walking animations. Plus I may put some kind of design on her T-shirt and change the colour. We’ll see)

She’s a young former student stuck in a dead end job with no real future prospects. She represents the player so her personality can’t stray too far from being reasonable and just. Like many adventure game protagonists she will be somewhat sardonic and break the fourth wall to a degree, although not to the extent where it ruins emergence. If divergent story lines are a possibility then her personality could be much more flexible, allowing for the player to imprint their own ideals onto her, (Like a Telltale game).


eric-front-animateeric 4 directions



Eric is an agoraphobic, obsessive compulsive, scientific genius. He can’t really cope with life without some kind of helper or minder. He’s prone to sudden mood changes and tantrums, but has a big heart and always means well. Diplomacy isn’t his forte at all and he should never ever been left in charge of pitches or negotiations due to his senstivite nature and volatile mood swings. He has all kinds of unusual half finished projects in the secret room in his basement, but new ideas tend to overtake old ones and he never manages to finish anything. His favourite foods are pop tarts, Findus Crispy Pancakes and Refresher chews. He hasn’t left the house in over two years.

Outside of that I mostly just have earlier draft versions of these two characters and lots of notes with plot ideas and some rough sketches and weird photoshop collages.

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