Museum Summer Project

Our Summer project this year was to visit a museum and select an object and do some drawings and maquettes from them.

I initially chose this Victorian till from the Kirkstall Abbey Museum in Leeds.


The only problem was that I only had one reference picture. I decided to find a picture online of shopping tills from the same period and the one I found that had useful pictures I could use to get the proportions right weren’t anywhere near as nice as this one.

$_57 (1)

This time I thought I would think outside the box and try and actually model the real object as was instead of stylising or abstracting it. It was a good opportunity to learn some more skills in 3D rendering.

till 1

I built the basic shape
till 4

Added more detail

till 5

And built a tray with a normal map on the front.
till 14

I modelled two types of key, plus a tray, and then fittings with an accompanying glass tray. In this picture I have just baked a normal map for the body, which simulated ambient shadows and adds a lot more realism to models.till 15  This is where I stopped working on it. Most of it is finished but it needs normal maps of Victorian designs for the surfaces, as well as a few extra little details.

I decided I would rather use this penny arcade machine from the same museum instead and modelled that too.

vintage pinball  vintage pinball7vintage pinball14 white vintage pinball14png  vintage pinball15hdvintage pinball17

The wood actually looks nicer in some of the previous versions, I think. I may have to change that.

abstract pinball 5

This is my spin off project which looks nothing like the first project but it’s definitely inspired by it even though the link isn’t totally obvious. I had something very different in mind but there was a degree of improvisation which took me away from the thing it was based on.

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