Blue Stuff

Apologies for being terrible at keeping up with posts. I promise to be much more active from now on.

I’m going to use this space to record some of my thoughts and ideas, as well as link to videos and articles that inspire me rather than just sticking to sharing things that I have made and done. I realised the other day that there are a lot of youtube videos of things that I want to try that I’ve completely forgotten about so it will be useful to keep them here.

I’ve discovered this amazing mouldmaking material called blue stuff, which I can’t wait to try in the future. It’s a very easy to use putty that can be melted again reused over and over again, which is beneficial for so many reasons. Another good thing is that it doesn’t generally stick to the object that you’re taking a mould from, and in it’s soft form it won’t stick to a hardened piece allowing multi part moulds to be created pretty easily.

Here is it in action.

I’m really excited about buying some and trying it with some Milliput Superfine White, which is normally about £4.50 a box but I managed to find some here for around £26 for 10 packets. Milliput Superfine White will apparently mix well with pigments designed for resin and also even works with a small amount of oil paint although there are no videos on Youtube of anybody trying this. I’m considering recording some videos of my own material experiments to put on Youtube because there are quite a lot of things I’ve looked up that don’t exist on there yet.

I will report back when I have tried this stuff out.

Edited to add a link to where you can buy blue stuff. Which is here.

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